• Posted on June 24, 2014 at 1:47 pm

‘TO BE’ 

(A Poem written a few years ago expressing some aspects of my experiences of counselling as a client, that contributed to my wishing to be a Counsellor)

Joy and delight, confusion and pain.
Never one day is ever the same.
Along the path, a tear, a laugh,
A feeling that often has no name.

A card, a drawing, a guide – tough ride!
Enlightenment is the prize.
Eclectic style, all the while,
Brings progress that can surprise.

Anger, tears, anxiety, fears.
To fight or fly or merely cry.
A nod or a smile can take you a mile.
Such trust and care – did I used to say try?

I can’t, I can’t! – You can’t, you can’t?
This reflection thing is odd!
I can, I will, I have, I did.
Well done, I knew you could!

Suddenly I have a voice.
I am heard and this is me.
To reflect – when we can share,
It is myself in you I see.

I have a choice, there is a way.
And when I fall you always stay.
A safe place to explore I find.
And there I grow from day to day.

Transference, Experience, Projection understood.
My child, who always felt she couldn’t, now feels that she could.
Its early days, but I’m finding new ways,
I never thought I would.

Having time and space, a special place,
Has changed my life for good.
And for those alone, who’ve never been there,
My wish is that they could.

Already I know that I can fly,
A work in progress, so many rewards.
Not fly away but fly towards.
The future this experience affords.

So celebrate as I do now.
I’ve come so far and at times I’ve shone.
I can proudly say I’ve done it myself,
But am blessed by the fact I was never alone.

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